Why has San Diego become a leader in solar in California?

A place to cut corners on outgoing expenses is to consider the installation of solar energy for electricity in your home. A solar system adds value to your home, reduces electric costs, and locks in your kWh price for electricity. Solar energy is also considered a green energy which allows for tax incentives at both the state and local level. Coupled with california solar energy incentives the installation of solar panels offers great benefits for homeowners.

Solar energy is considered the cleanest source of energy without having a negative impact on the environment. The sun will be producing energy for five billion years and is naturally produced from the sun. The real question for most consumers is how california solar energy can be expanded to all consumers.

The most prominent used today for electricity is photovoltaic cells. The photovoltaic cells acts as a semi-conductor that convert sunlight to electricity. When the cells are exposed to sunlight they react and generate electricity.

One of consumer’s concerns is the cost of installation versus the savings to your electric bill. The California Solar Initiative has stated that the average home needs an average of 4,000 kilowatts. The installation costs are expensive but there are several incentive programs from both the state and federal government. The incentives and rebates can save the consumer approximately $18,000 to $21,000 with the tax credits. Caliornia solar energy has been a great example for other sunny states.

Installaton of San Diego solar systems have solar energy companies that can help consumers navigate the process of filing necessary paperwork for rebates. When you consider that fossil fuel electricity often generates a 6% annual increase, the long term benefits of installation of the solar energy systems become more of an investment

California leads the nation in use of solar energy panels installed. Passage of the Renewal Resources Standard provided a goal post for California to increase California solar power reliance to 20% by 2010 and 33% by 2020. Today, California is leading the country in number of solar panels installed.

In the 1970’s the oil crisis sparked the concern of the United States dependency on fossil fuels. California, with their sunny climate, began to offer state and federal tax incentives which created the solar and wind industry exploration in California. In some areas of California solar power has increased 100 fold in the last decade.

San Diego solar energy systems help reduce the cost of electricity. Some credit for the popularity of electricity in San Diego has to do with the weather. San Diego has an average of three thunderstorms a year and known for its cool summers and warm winters which are conducive for solar energy. Consider that San Diego solar should be what all residents are striving for.

Federal and state incentive programs have provided rebates and reduced costs has helped bring affordable solar power systems to San Diego’s residential market as well as business. San Diego Gas & Electric and California solar rebates have helped San Diego surpass larger cities in the push for California to meet their Renewable Reform Standard. San Diego solar systems have stayed on the cutting edge to outpace other cities in California

A strong feed-in-tariff policy to compel warehouses, parking lots to implement the use of solar power systems has helped San Diego’s meteoric rise. The only requirement for the solar power installation to be successful is high levels of sunshine which is one of the geographical benefits of the San Diego area.

Sunny California paves the way for solar energy systems to shine. California solar power commitment leads the way for the rest of the country.

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