Lowering Electric Bills in California

With summer’s high temperatures come higher energy bills. The cost to cool your home can double and sometimes triple your bill. There are several things you can do to lower your monthly electric bill.

Check Your Thermostat

Most of us just flip the switch to get the air conditioner running when the temperatures rise but your cooling needs change from year to year. Are you working different hours? Do you spend weekends out of town? Are your children at home during the day? All of these situations can be planned for on your programmable thermostat. Cooling your house when you aren’t there is a waste of energy and money. By spending just a few moments, you can save yourself big bucks.

Buy Energy Efficient

If you’re using old appliances, you could be draining the energy grid without even knowing it. New, energy efficient appliances run on less electricity and in turn, lower your monthly bill. As an added incentive, when you purchase an energy efficient appliance, you may be eligible for rebates and tax credits. Add the up-front savings to the monthly savings on your energy bill and those shiny new appliances can pay for themselves over time.

Use Power Strips

Televisions, computers, cell phone chargers and other small appliances can drain energy even when they are turned off. Don’t let them drain your bank account too. Use power strips to cut back on the drain. An added benefit will be an extended life to your flat screen. Flip the switch before you leave for work or go to bed at night and watch your energy bill deflate.

Go Big

Even after checking your thermostat, acquiring energy efficient appliances and installing power strips, you’re still paying for energy and there is a better way. California solar power is an environmentally friendly way to cool your home with no monthly fee.

California solar systems convert sunlight to energy – energy that can be used in your home, stored for future use, or put back into the grid. When the energy is fed to the grid, it turns your meter back and credits your account. California solar power can be used for everything. You can heat your water, dry your clothes or use it to run your pool system.

Going solar couldn’t be easier. When you call a CA solar systems specialist, they will asses your energy needs and recommend the best options in California solar systems to fit your life and lifestyle. If you need help, Solar California can put you directly in touch with several reputable and professional CA solar installers who can help you go solar easily and economically.

You don’t have to pay high prices for electricity. By doing all you can to make your home energy efficient, and installing a CA solar system, you reduce your impact on the grid and keep your home comfortable without breaking the bank.

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