Top Solar Companies In Los Angeles

There is a competitive market for solar companies in Los Angeles. Here are some of the best Los Angeles solar companies and what makes each one stand out above the rest.

Mimeos Solar – This company is considered on of the top solar companies in Los Angeles due to the follow through of the owner Matt Moses.Their website provides detailed information on the step by step process of installing solar panels. They specialize in making sure the consumer has the most cost efficient system for their current energy use. This helps save the consumer money and then the team at Mimeos helps complete the rebate process. They were rated 5 stars on for Los Angeles solar installers.

REC Los Angeles – REC has been one of the top Los Angeles solar installers since 1997 and is dedicated to getting the most out of the Los Angeles sun on a daily basis for its consumers. It has been awarded an Angie’s List 2011 Super Service Award. They help each consumer reduce their utilities immediately. Their website provides a Solar Savings Estimated tool to be used to see how much could be saved on utilities.

Moore Solar & Green Construction – Moore is a family owned company that believes in putting the customer first. They have a no pressure approach by coming out to estimate, putting together a quote and then letting the consumer decide. They also will submit all rebate paperwork right away so their is no cash investment made. They know that their customer service stands out above the rest of Los Angeles solar companies so they mostly work by referrals. Moore has also won an Angie’s List 2011 Super Service Award

SolarCity – This company has a no cost installation process. They will install the solar panels and then the consumer pays them directly each month for the cost of the energy used. Similar to a utility company; making clean living more cost affordable. They handle the process from beginning to end including getting permits and setting the consumer up with payment plans. They are truly concerned with making the task of getting solar panels as easy as possible.

Due to the perfect sun above Los Angeles, there are immense choices when it comes to solar companies. The companies listed above have proven themselves worthy of being ranked in the best.

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