Bankruptcy for Solyndra. Is it China’s fault?

Senior U.S. Democrats urged the Obama administration and Congress to take action against Chinese trade policies they said are unfairly hurting America’s environmental technology sector and making it harder to create jobs.

“China is systematically deploying an arsenal of trade distorting policies to corner the global market in green technology products, whether it be electric cars, wind turbines or solar products,” Representative Sander Levin, a Michigan Democrat, said in a statement.

“Our efforts to put Americans back to work are made all the more difficult by China’s policies, and it is time we take action to counter them — either through aggressive use of our domestic trade laws or through WTO cases,” Levin said as lawmakers returned from a month-long break.

Last week, Solyndra LLC filed for bankruptcy, becoming the third U.S. solar firm to succumb to pressure from lower-priced Chinese rivals in recent weeks…

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