Solar power in California is still a hot topic

Abundant sunshine has made Southern California one of the brightest markets for residential solar power in the country. Some might say too bright.

Encouraged by federal tax credits and a municipal rebate, so many Los Angeles residents sought to add rooftop solar panels at the start of the year that the Department of Water and Power had to suspend its Solar Incentive Program in April because of overwhelming demand and funding concerns. But on Thursday — at 10 a.m., to be precise — the DWP will relaunch the program, albeit with reduced rebates and a new online system to process applications.

What do the new rebates mean for homeowners? For those who want to go green and add solar panels, what will the new out-of-pocket expenses look like? And potentially most important, how will the new rebates affect the ability of residents in Los Angeles and beyond to lease panels instead of buy them — a popular way to get solar installed with minimal up-front costs? The answer to that leasing question isn’t too sunny, but first let’s look at the broader solar-power landscape…

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